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IT Security: A Question of Hygiene?!

Over the past months, hackers and cyberattacks have made the headlines. Be it the presumption that the US presidential elections were manipulated, cyberattacks on Yahoo, the Sony PlayStation network, or […]

How Efficient Customer Touchpoint Management could Work for IT

Efficient Customer Touchpoint Management improves service quality and customer satisfaction, thereby securing a long-term customer commitment. Learn more about how IT can improve communication and customer interaction, and create seamless […]

The Adventure of IT: How to Succeed in Transforming into being a Business Enabler

A little story about what IT has to do with the three musketeers and why IT is in the middle of an adventure. Who is not familiar with the story […]

How to Handle Service Management Like a Jedi

Jedi Knights and service heroes have more in common than you might think: Read more about what IT can learn from the Jedi Order in order to increase productivity and […]

How to Succeed in Balancing Day-to-Day Business with Innovation

IT decision makers often feel like tightrope artists: The balancing of daily business, innovation and the continuous new requirements from the business are some of the most challenging acts for […]

A Piece of Happiness

The latest World Happiness Report makes it official: Northern Europe is home of the happiest people in the world. According to the study, the reason for this can be found […]

Practical Tips for Purchasing Business Software

When it comes to purchasing, IT organizations often face the same challenges as consumers: There is an enormous amount of products to choose between, as well as an immense number […]

Avoiding Frequent Mistakes in Change Management

Twice every year, we are changing clocks to summer and winter time. A small change – yet one that has a noticeable effect on many people: many struggle in the […]

There is no way around ITIL

Learn more about how ITIL is supporting IT with future challenges like security or digital transformation and get an exclusive inside view of how ITIL has improved Service Management in […]

The Oscar goes to IT – Or: The Crew makes the Star

Film production and business life have more in common than you might think at first. Last week, the 89th Academy Awards were held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles; […]