Successful 311/CSR LUNCH & LEARN seminar

Wendia North America held a successful Wendia311 ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminar’ on Oct. 3rd, where we had presenters from Utah cities Provo and Orem that currently use the Wendia 311 solution. Provo and Orem shared the things they have learned in the process with a 311 solution and what they have accomplished with 311. The 17 people attending, representing 10 cities throughout the state of Utah, appreciated listening & learning about the processes and experiences from a veteran user of POB (Provo) to a fairly recent user (Orem).

Kevin Goertzen, Wendia, talked about the history of 311, and then gave an overview of Wendia311 features and functionalities. And at the end of the seminar, the attendees took a tour of Provo311- the Provo City Customer Service Center.