Retail + Distribution

Retail and Logistics have been in transition for quite some time: Continuously growing online business and the use of modern technology like smartphones and tablets for shopping and payment are a big challenge for the industry. At the same time Retail and Logistics still have to face hard competition. Individual competitive advantages are achieved by IT, especially in the area of customer service and customer loyalty. Thereby, trends and topics like Self-Service and Mobile Payment are playing an important role.

Logistics is also strongly affected by changing consumer behavior. Fleet Management, route optimization systems and efficient inventory management belong to the most important issues deciding over industry success.

Goals and Guiding Principles for IT in Retail and Logistics: 

  • Cost-Savings
  • Higher efficiency
  • Customer Focus
  • Service Quality
  • Process Optimization and Automation
  • Business IT Alignment
  • Improved Security Standards
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Improved Self-Service
  • Comprehensive e-Commerce-Functionality
  • Transparency
  • Efficient Resource Planning
  • Efficient Inventory Management

How IT is supporting business with Wendia’s Service Management Solution:

Self-Service Portal with integrated Web Shop Functionality: 

With Wendia’s Self-Service Portal, end-users have full access over internet or intranet to services provided by IT. At the same time, your service organization profits from optimized and automated processes, from a significant work load reduction and improved service quality.

Resource and Time Management

POB Resource & Time Management enables your organization to effectively manage its human resources. By distributing POB functionality to your remote workforce, this POB module allows all employees to register time and resources, regardless of location. Improve scheduling as you schedule personnel and utilize other human resources, applying all relevant information stored in the central POB system. POB Resource & Time Management optimizes resources, identifies redundant or lacking skills and avoids bottlenecks.

Purchase and Inventory Management

POB Purchase & Inventory Management automates and monitors your procurement process thereby optimizing your total purchase and inventory workflow. The solution supports the entire purchase workflow from product request, through purchasing activities and receiving the goods, as well as the entire inventory workflow from spare part management to warehouse configuring.

Cost-Savings with Low TCO:

Wendia’s Service Management Solution is characterized by low maintenance costs, easy customization without any programming and quick and easy do-it-yourself-Upgrades sustaining all adjustments and customizations.

KPI Measurement and Real-Time-Dashboards:

Dashboards improve transparency and provide valuable support for strategic planning and decision making on Management level. They provide decision makers with an overview over important key performance indicators as a basis for strategic decisions, the realization of cost-saving potential and professional management of their organization.