“We are very pleased to be customers of a product that has the highest level of certifications from a trusted organization like Pink Elephant.  Wendia’s solutions are helping us create uniformity in our IT processes.  From Service Desk to Asset Management, Wendia has given us a solution that is flexible, will scale with our business, and allow us to manage all aspects of our IT infrastructure.”

Dana Hogan, Vice President, Armed Forces Bank

In addition to the workflow management functionality, the overall integration of the various modules within POB to each other continues to allow Anthelio to build upon the basic functionality and delve deeper into one area at a time. The ability to roll out different aspects of the tool incrementally has allowed Anthelio to consciously improve and grow without imposing a huge culture shock at the time of initial implementation.

This is a very high end tool with loads of features and functionality and is greatly recommended.”

Tiffany Freier, ITIL V3, PMP, Service Management

Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc

“This cross-departmental collaboration between IT and HR helps management streamline processes and offers an added level of security and value to all departments across the organization.”

Aaron Wood, Service Desk Manager at MonaVie, Inc.

“…Wendia took the time to listen to our requirements and outline how they would

provide a total solution, and how their process helped to meet our short-term and

long-term goals.”

Robert Knopf, Manager of Internal Systems for IDI Billing Solutions of Victor, NY

Swedish Poisons Information Centre

th POB – Point of Business they take care of over 77,000 calls a year at Swedish Poisons Information Centre, whose main task is to inform employees in the Swedish health sector and the general public by phone about risks, symptoms and treatment in connection with all kinds of emergency poisonings.

Ringsted Municipality

The increased demands for efficiency within the public sector means that the IT departments are continuously evaluated. The municipalities are regularly benchmarked against each other, in politicians’ attempts to find spending cuts to meet budgets.

“I am convinced that choosing POB is the most profitable investment we have ever made, with huge rewards for a relatively small expenditure.”

Jens Petersen, IT Manager at Ringsted Municipality

“Using POB for service management is really about understanding the need for having an efficient customer management, and what it actually entails. All our employees want to do a good job, therefore it is important to have a system and an organization that enables them to do so.”

Ole Morten Slettevik, General Manager, Bluegarden

Vordingborg municipality

In the Self Service Portal users can report incidents, order equipment for their work station or get help with passwords and access to networks, and much more.

”Our goal is to see 90% of all cases generated through the Self Service portal. When that happens we will jump for joy.”

Allan Eriksen, Project Coordinator at Vordingborg municipality



”We get a far superior overview and we will be able to estimate to a much higher degree of certainty, how serious an error is. In the long term, we will be able to optimize our entire IT complex, and all our back-up and spare facilities as we get a much clearer idea of the threats we face”.

Erik Juel-Sørensen, Technical Manager, KMD

“The easier it is to customize a system to meet the individual requirements of my organization, the more attractive I find it. That’s why I am such a big POB fan”

Stefan Reichelt, Comparex Deutschland

“Wendia is very qualified on ITIL, and has helped us specify how the different processes should be carried out. This has been extremely useful for us.”

Sverre Sandernes, IT manager, Buypass


“The fear of increasing bureaucracy has been replaced by the thrill of the possibilities that the tool offers.”

Bertel Christopher Lundgaard, service desk manager, Statsbygg


”We can see real benefits of using POB when we evaluate our everyday work. We are able to produce automated reports and we can automate work tasks. Being able to operate all our processes and also future processes with one system has certainly made a positive difference. Added to that, POB provides a platform for our international Atea cooperation.”

Göran Wihlgaard, System Manager in Atea Sweden

CSC Airline Solutions has 45 years experience in building complex and business critical systems for the airline industry. They have developed more than 600 business solutions for the airline industry, and created significant competitive advantages for their clients. CSC Airline Solutions (form. SAS Data) has used POB since it began its association with Wendia in 1992.

Self Service has made way for faster response times – and a more streamlined customer service; Herning municipality have always been pleased with POB and now even more so after upgrading to POB G6. The new .net based version of POB has brought improved user friendliness, quicker response times and a lot of new ways of implementing self service that have opened up for a more streamlined customer service.

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