Project Management Software

POB’s Project Management software was designed with multiple Project Management methodologies in mind including Traditional, Waterfall, Six Sigma, Prince 2, Agile, and Lean; POB is also comprehensive and flexible enough to enable virtually any Project Management standard or methodology.

Some of the Wendia POB Project Management functionality available includes:

Project Planning and Request Management:  It all starts out as an idea and a request.  POB makes it easy to capture project requests and to require just the amount of information your organization needs through dynamic web forms and the ability to attach any and all documentation.  POB then helps automate the entire approval and notification process.

Graphical Project Management Workflows and Templates:  POB allows you to model your entire project including all tasks, activities, decision points, milestones, etc in an easy-to-use, graphical view.  You can create unlimited individual workflows for different types of projects quickly and easily using templates and repeatable activities.

Complete Resource Management, Scheduling, and Time Tracking:  POB allows you to effectively leverage all your talent, skill sets, and personnel against their already busy schedules including vacation time, time already allotted to other projects, and more.  As individuals complete tasks their time is logged and accounted for.

Gantt Charts and Task Management:  POB provides you with an easy to use Gantt Chart view so that tasks can be easily assigned and scheduling managed.  Integration with Microsoft Outlook further enhances your Project Management practice by allowing users more comfortable with tasks in Outlook to work in the system they prefer.  Additionally, you are able to prioritize all work across projects and across all support activities.

Project Accounting and Financial Management:  POB provides complete financial management of your Project Management Office.  You can account for all project costs including materials, labor, and more.  Manage project and portfolio budgets quickly and easily for both executives and project managers.

Complete Reporting and Dashboards:  POB comes with extensive reporting capabilities, from real-time Key Performance Indicators, to full graphical and dynamic dashboards, to as detailed or basic of reporting as needed for both Project and Project Portfolio Management.

Additional Features:

  • POB is delivered On-Premise, SaaS or Hybrid with the ability to change at any time
  • Use a single tool for both PM and IT Service Management
  • Cutting edge mobile device interface
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Project