Let service management support your business


Discover New Areas for Revenue

Cost savings, a lean organization and operations running smoothly still remain ambitious goals – especially with growing tasks and new challenges like BYOD.
It is not enough to simply reach those goals; instead, IT organizations must discover new areas of revenue within their business…


Free upgrades of your ITSM software

As a POB customer you can always upgrade to the next version of POB and benefit from the latest features that have been added. Free of charge. POB is characterized by easy and free-of-charge upgrades – normally our customers can simply get the latest version from our ftp server and install it by themselves…


Talking Business: Quick ROI with ITSM

In economically challenging times IT organizations are well advised to evaluate purchase opportunities carefully. As a market-leading provider of IT Service Management solutions for more than 20 years, Wendia understands that any software investment has to provide quick and measurable ROIs.


Fast and Easy Implementation

The speed of business is not getting any slower. We’ve always been committed to delivering POB as fast as possible, and now if possible …even faster. The .NET platform is also an open architecture environment which opens many opportunities to us as we continue to develop.


Integration to your existing environment

We offer seamless integration to your existing infrastructure and environment. As the industry continues to specialize, the need to integrate with dissimilar systems becomes critical. From the beginning, we have designed our solutions with complete integration in mind.


Full flexibility out-of-the-box

POB has always been designed with flexibility as a core competency. We know you need to connect and share information with a variety of dissimilar sources, databases, platforms, and products. Some of those processes may be in the cloud and some may be on premise.


Where Will Your Business Be Tomorrow?

The challenges for IT organizations continue to grow, yet budgets do not. The need to do more with less has never been greater. An IT Service Management tool can play an important role in addressing this concern.