IT Service Provider

In times of tight budgets, System Houses and IT Service Providers are facing a growing demand for their offerings, because many companies are expecting more efficient cost management from outsourcing their IT Services.

Nevertheless, IT Service Providers who want to win new customers and keep them over the long term, need to offer their services in a cost-effective way. They need to be flexible and they have to align services with the business requirements of their customer organizations. At the same time, the precise documentation of performance and workload is essential to improve transparency and build up customer confidence.

In more than twenty years Wendia has developed a flexible and modular Service Management Solution used by a large number of successful IT Service Providers like Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co KG and COMPAREX AG in Germany, VRSG St. Gallen in Switzerland or KMD A/S, market-leading Service Provider for public administration in Denmark.

What Service Providers need to offer their customers

  • Know-How, a high level of competence and qualified analysts
  • High availability, efficient communication
  • Cost-Efficiency, calculable costs
  • Quick and flexible implementation of business requirements
  • Productivity Gain
  • High Security Standards
  • High Process Quality
  • Customer Focus

How Service Providers benefit from Wendia’s Service Management Solution

  • Quick and simple customization without programming for flexible realization of new requirements
  • Fully automated and cost free Upgrades, preserving all customizations and without the need for external consulting
  • Mobility: Flexible use with mobile devices like Smartphones, Tablets, PDAs
  • Invoice Management: quick and direct invoicing of expenses
  • Multi-client capability: clearly separated data storage, data access, presentation and configuration
  • Real-time KPIs: Full transparency and control with a complete set of customizable Dashboards
  • Seamless integration with standard interfaces
  • Powerful CMDB for efficient Configuration and Asset Management
  • Integrated, cost-effective e-Learning-functionality for flexible user-training
  • Quick implementation