The POB G6 release – a quick overview of benefits for you

Upgrades to new versions are free of charge

Wendia has rewritten the entire POB solution in the .net technology – POB Generation 6. The .net is a modern technology based on the Microsoft framework. POB G6 covers all your business processes as did POB21 – however, with the G6 you get an enhanced GUI and easier and more intuitive ways of working with the system.

The new technology offers many obvious advantages, including:

  • KPI Explorer with real dashboard functionality
  • Enhanced graphical view of the workflow and maintenance of the workflow
  • Implemented Gantt chart
  • Picture added to contact persons and POB users so you can see who you are working with Overview windows that can be configured freely (old “my work list” windows).
  • Screen design
  • More user-friendly and intuitive POB Enterprise Manager
  • A highly configurable and role-based Self Service Portal (HTML) with a modern look and a role-based web shop.
  • Spider webs of CIs
  • Free-text control (memo) supporting RTF including pictures, hyperlinks etc.
  • A built-in report generator in POB Enterprise Manager. You can also integrate external report generators with POB (e.g. CRW)

Guide to G6 upgrades

The latest functionality in POB G6:

Version 1.3 includes a number of new functionality, including:

  • Integration to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook using EWS (Exchange Web Services)
  • Smartphone solution for customers / end-users
  • Better support for confidential data
  • Public web forms
  • Dynamic DB relation
  • Highlight rows in a list based on user defined criteria
  • XML support for inbound mails
Patching G6 and Upgrading from one G6 release to another

Patching G6 is a pretty straightforward process, well described in the detailed step-by-step guideline that is available for POB users.

Upgrading from one G6 version to another is similar to patching G6 – following the same step-by-step guideline skilled POB administrators are able to do the upgrading themselves without the need of using Wendia consultancy. Obviously, should you require consultancy for the upgrading, we are here to help.

Upgrading from one version to another in POB has always been fast and straightforward:

“The upgrade from one POB21 version to the next one was always easy and done within a few hours. Just some checks in an upgraded test environment, maybe a few small corrections and go. We were always happy about the upgrades because many new and useful features appeared and could be used immediately,” Stefan Reichelt, COMPAREX AG