Configuration & Asset Management

POB Configuration & Asset Management incorporates the identification, recording and reporting of IT components, including versions and relationships. Items include hardware, software and associated documentation. All system management tools can populate the multidimensional configuration database (CMDB), and POB can visually display your total configuration environment.

Benefits to Your Organization



Today’s complex IT infrastructures require proper configuration management with relevant information that allows organizations to control valuable assets, helps financial planning, makes software changes visible, reduces the use of unauthorized software and cuts costs. POB supports you in all these aspects of configuration and asset management.

Benefits to the User



POB Configuration & Asset Management (CAM) provides relevant information on Configuration Items (CI’s) and their related documentation. The information supports all service management processes, and is highly relevant for support staff, change managers, dispatchers and others who work with company assets. Detailed information is also available to control availability, service quality and suppliers.

Competitive Advantage



Organizations need to control their IT infrastructure and services in order to be efficient and effective. POB CAM provides a logical model of your infrastructure by identifying, controlling, maintaining and verifying your existing configuration items.

Configuration Items

POB controls the CI’s and detailed information about each asset and system. It controls the complete history and its connection to a specific customer, location and contract.

POB allows you to:

  • Classify CI’s based on type and article
  • Graphically configure and display your CI’s
  • Arrange “many-to-many” relationships between CI’s
  • Deliver, replace, move and update CI’s
  • Copy and maintain standard configurations
  • Integrate to tools like MS SCCM, Zenworks, Enteo, Capa, HP Open View, Tivoli etc.

POB provides you with different tools to simplify the CMDB maintenance and keep your CMDB continually updated. This process helps reduce costs and keep the CMDB fully updated at all times, thus providing all other service management modules with accurate CMDB information.