Business Availabilty Monitor (BAM)

The POB Business Availability Monitor is a powerful monitoring solution that makes it possible to find errors and identify the consequences for the customer. Therefore you can prevent a single error from escalating and thereby affecting a large proportion of the customers.

Benefits to Your Organization



The Business Availability Monitor (BAM) is a solution that prevents a single mistake from escalating and affecting such a large part of the IT system that the error damages both the operation and the customer relationship. The BAM solution ensures the company’s ability to maintain a general overview when an error in the IT services arises. With this tool, the customer can proactively obtain whatever he or she requires.

Benefits to the User



The monitor enables any user to quickly and effectively review all errors as they occur, and then evaluate the potential consequences to customers as well as the infrastructure. The user only needs one monitor to see a general overview of the entire IT operation in one graphically clear window.

Competitive Advantage



The more complex the IT structure, the harder it is for your company to maintain a good general overview of the business-related consequences of errors. With the Business Availability Monitor, you can combine system and business processes while ensuring manageable troubleshooting, using fewer resources, and providing a service where the customer hardly notices system breakdowns.

Return on Investment to Customers’ Benefit

The monitor solution means the company can easily live up to their service level agreements. When the system breaks down, you can instantly determine the most efficient solution and limit the degree by which the customer experiences the breakdown; you can even often mitigate the problem before the customer ever noticed the error. With a sudden, unexpected breakdown, the solution ensures error repair happens as quickly as possible and that the customer remains informed.

Perspective on the Advantages

Customers will reap additional resources from the monitor solution, as well. The unique functionality means that companies can avoid extra expenses as a result of handling IT infrastructure change and growth more effectively. The BAM monitor solution makes it easier to allocate tasks and complete them. Regardless of how many different IT components and platforms are used, everything is still gathered on one single monitor. This saves time, resources, and manpower, while making the complexity more manageable. At the same time, safety and security measures in line with the operation ensure the company does not lose money as a result of the system breakdown.