The Oscar goes to IT – Or: The Crew makes the Star

The Oscar goes to IT

Film production and business life have more in common than you might think at first.

Last week, the 89th Academy Awards were held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles; Numerous actors and film stars walked the red carpet, and without them there would be no show.  If they do not deliver a top performance on the set, movies turn into flops and consequently there are big financial losses.

In business, it is the employees that take the leading roles in the companies. Without them there would be no show. And if they do not deliver an excellent performance every day, the success of the entire business is at stake.

IT as Enabler: No Service, No Top Performance

It is therefore very important that the employees come to work every day full of motivation and commitment. The creativity, and the will and ability to deliver, for IT employees as well as for actors, is very much dependent on the working conditions. About 500 people are engaged in a Hollywood film production, from screenwriters to makeup artists to cinematographers. An ideal work environment is important in order to supply actors with ideal working conditions, and the same goes for employees in a company.

In the business world technology is everything and therefore the task of providing ideal working conditions falls on the IT staff.  In film production, special teams work hard to be accessible for the employees of the film crew. In a similar way business employees can rely on IT‘s help to carry out their assignments and make the company a success.

Service Offerings and Availability Make Satisfied Employees

Today, a lot depends on the design of the service offerings. It is no longer enough to offer standard services. The service organization is required to listen closely and then act proactively: What do our key persons in the department need? How can we optimize daily processes and support our employees with innovative solutions?

This way, IT will not only avoid becoming the dreaded shadow IT. Inevitably, the overall perception of the IT department in the company will improve. IT will become a partner, in the best sense of the word.

And as such, IT should also be available at all times. At film sets, actors are taken care of around the clock by various assistants. In companies, self service offerings ensure that the users may contact the service organization anytime, anywhere. This way, disturbances are quickly and efficiently eliminated. And at the same time, employees are content knowing that someone will promptly and reliably takes care of their issues.

Bottom Line

Film productions can be quite costly. With its 256.8 million dollar production, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines from 2003 is still the most expensive film ever made. Of course, everyone going to the cinema may expect a lot of extravagant effects with movie stars being presented in the best possible way. Nevertheless, production companies like service organizations in a company are well advised to control their costs. In big production companies, employees are usually responsible for finances and controlling. Within the service organization you register costs and expenses by using a solid service management solution, which can also charge for the services rendered internally.

Good PR

Much too often, in the media and at the award ceremonies the spotlight is on the stars and the directors. The crew, who have enabled everything are rarely mentioned. Their performance is (unfortunately) not recognized by the public. In many companies the situation is quite similar: As long as things are running as they should, the performance of IT and their service organization is hardly noticed. Only when things go wrong do people start talking about IT and their (in)capabilities. Therefore, it is important for IT to internally communicate their service offerings, projects, and above all their successes, big and small. This is the only way for the IT employees to get the recognition they deserve for their excellent performance, even if it is not an Academy Award …

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