A Piece of Happiness

wendia software macht glücklich

The latest World Happiness Report makes it official: Northern Europe is home of the happiest people in the world. According to the study, the reason for this can be found in a positive basic attitude, a well-functioning social system and relatively low differences in income. Overall, the people in Norway and Denmark have fewer worries. However, it is first and foremost the small everyday pleasures that set them apart as happier than the rest of the world.

The latest World Happiness Report has been published yearly since 2012 in cooperation with the United Nations. It was started by Professor Jeffrey Sachs from the New York Columbia University and different expert colleagues. It contains a ranking of a total of 155 countries and is announced every year on the International Day of Happiness on March 20.

This year’s ranking is headed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.
The World Happiness Report is available for download here.

Happiness at the Workplace

The current edition of the report also deals with happiness at the workplace. In fact, a positive basic attitude depends decisively on whether or not people are in employment. And also company culture, work environment, and a good work-life balance, as well as a fair remuneration have a lasting positive effect on the happiness and satisfaction of the employees. And all of these factors ultimately contribute significantly to efficiency and productivity.

Wendia Customers are Three Times as Lucky

Wendia‘s Service Management solution is developed in Denmark, the corporate headquarters are located in Switzerland, and Wendia is strongly represented in Norway; these top the list of the countries with the happiest people. Wendia’s ITSM toolset makes people happy! It takes care of their development and the challenges of their customer organizations every day with full zeal, enthusiasm and commitment.

And what really makes us happy is when our customers succeed in making their customers happy: Nothing tops satisfied users more than having made their lives just a little easier and better!


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