Banking and Insurance

Many companies in the financial industry have had rough times recently: Especially banks are facing hard competition with new providers supporting financial transactions as for example in the area of mobile and online payments. The IT in banks and other companies in the financial industry is therefore facing a lot of new challenges:  The growing number of transactions and electronic applications has to be managed efficiently, while at the same time IT needs to provide new and innovative solutions to improve competitiveness.

Cost Management, Risk Management and efficient handling of growing and ever-changing business requirements belong to the central tasks of IT. Banking Act provisions need to be fulfilled and operating costs, constituting one of the major cost blocks for many organizations, have to be reduced.

Therefore IT in the financial industry needs a technically mature and proven solution that 

  • Improves customer loyalty with consistent customer focus and high service quality
  • Keeps operating costs on a low level
  • Realizes savings potential
  • Fulfills government and banking law legislations
  • Enables to develop and provide innovative solutions

In more than twenty years Wendia has developed a flexible and modular Service Management Solution used by a large number of successful companies in the financial industry such as Armed Forces Bank, Credit Suisse Trust or DZ PRIVATBANK Zürich.


How IT in the financial industry can profit from Wendia’s Service Management Solution

Risk Management: Measure and analyze Key Performance Indicators with Real-Time Dashboards for strategic planning and decision making.

Audits: Electronic Signature for approval workflows

Customer Satisfaction: Efficient Incident and Problem Management for quick resolution times

Cost Management: quick and easy, do-it-yourself Upgrades sustaining customizations; easy customization without programming