Key Features

• Improved First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates:
Empower service desk agents with a knowledgebase that has the most up to date and accurate versions of your information reducing escalations to second-line support

• Reduced Average Handling Times (AHT):
Using a variety of advanced searches and content filters the time spent searching for information is reduced by up to 50%

• Improved agent competency and efficiency:
With an interactive and modern UI accessing accurate knowledge has never been more simple

• Improved productivity and innovation:
15-35% of an agent’s time is spent searching for information with success rates of 1 in 2. Universal Knowledge eliminates lengthy search times and places knowledge in the hands of the agent whilst also deflecting up to 50% of inbound tickets

• Reduced operational costs:
KPS service desk knowledge management solutions can help to reduce annual support expenditure by up to 20%

• Capture and share tacit knowledge:
Up to 80% of knowledge is tacit knowledge, recording and sharing this invaluable asset only enhances the calibre of your service desk operations