Talking Business: Quick ROI with ITSM

In economically challenging times IT organizations are well advised to evaluate purchase opportunities carefully. As a market-leading provider of IT Service Management solutions for more than 20 years, Wendia understands that any software investment has to provide quick and measurable ROIs.

The flexibility and power of an innovative IT Service Management Solution can help you to realize quick wins:

Process Automation

Still today, HR costs and issues consume more than 50% of IT budgets. With streamlined and automated processes in IT organization, costs can be significantly reduced and resources can be used with more efficiency working on new and innovative ideas to support business.

How you can benefit from Wendias IT Service Management Solution:

  • Simplify and standardize processes like on boarding or new-hire for example
  • Streamline activities
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce Costs (HR, TCO)
  • Use resources with maximum efficiency to support business
KPI Measuring

There are many ways to quickly profit from measuring Key Performance Indicators. One of the immediate effects of reliable figures and real-time data is a significant increase in transparency. Management gets a clear overview over the actual workload, potential bottle necks or average processing and solution times. KPIs provide you with a solid basis for discussion when it comes to new investments and strategic decisions. They help you to optimize processes within your organization and improve the overall quality of service.

“The KPI features in Wendias ITSM Solution are excellent tools that provide us with the right arguments when presenting necessary activities or investments before our top management. We realized a high level of transparency – especially with regards to our executive board. For the first time our actual workload is clearly documented. Our management can always follow up on what is happening. It can realize trends, take proactive actions and decide on the basis of solid facts.” 

(Daniel Lehmann, DZ PRIVATBANK Zürich)

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More Areas for Quick Wins:
Self Service
  • Reduce Call Volumes
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Provide customers with 24/7 access
  • Improve Service Quality
  • Reduce Costs per Incident
  • Optimize Service Levels
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Service Catalog
  • Create a consistent and comprehensive overview over your service offerings
  • Increase transparency about services available and related prices
  • Enhance customer experience
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Servce Catalog Whitepaper