311 & CSR (Customer Service Request)

When a citizen thinks “local government” – what comes to mind? Probably not words like “efficiency,” “transparency,” or “simple and easy.” “World-class customer service”?

Now you think we’re joking.

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Wendia is here to help you change the status quo. Introducing the Wendia CSR and 311 Solution

Whether you are:

  • Simply trying to make government services easier to request for citizens…
  • Creating a “one stop shop” for citizens by consolidating the customer service functions of multiple departments…
  • Taking it a step further by implementing a full 311 call center…
  • Wanting to get handle on all the work the organization does and track it better…

Wendia provides all of the tools, best practices consulting and training, and implementation expertise to get you there.

Hard to believe?  It gets better, Wendia helps you quickly achieve incredible results with a proven, rapid deployment implementation methodology.

Best of all, you won’t break the bank doing it.  The Wendia 311 and CSR solution has a very low total cost of ownership leading to a very rapid return on investment.  Additionally, competitive tools in the marketplace, which are really just repackaged CRM tools, can cost thousands more.

What is 311 and Citizen Service Request?  This video from the City of Provo, Utah should give you an idea.

For Citizens:

  • Local government becomes easy to work with

   It’s easy to request services or ask questions

  • Transparency

   Information is easy to find and all in one place

   Track exactly where a request is at and understand the process through completion

 For Customer Service Representatives:

  • Have all of the tools and information you need to quickly answer questions from citizens; have all of the needed information at your fingertips in a single location
  • Be able to easily assist a citizen in making a request for a needed government service with dynamic forms or route the request to the appropriate department


For Local Government Workers and Departments:

  • Have frequent questions already answered on your behalf and receive only the requests and work orders that warrant your attention
  • Get all of the information you need upfront without having to ask additional questions
  • Have all of your work in a single place where you can update it easily as you get it done
  • Have an easy way to provide information to the public and to your organization’s Citizen Service Request group


For Local Government Managers and Leadership:

  • Automate common processes and manage services more effectively
  • Get the insight you need to determine what services are most needed, where the most work is being done, and what citizens are asking about
  • Improve citizen satisfaction and deliver world-class service


Back to those words we first talked about, the Wendia 311 and CSR Solution will help you achieve:

 Improved Transparency:

  • Transparency to the public is critical and engenders trust

   Allow citizens to track their requests and issues

   Citizens can search for information easily from the self-service portal

  • Transparency within the government and across departments significantly increased efficiency

 Greater Efficiency

  • “One Stop Shopping” with a single point of communication and information – everything the public and government Customer Service Representatives need in a single place
  • Easy routing to the correct department the first time
  • Do More with Less – providing a single point of communication
  • Off load costly 911 calls that are not emergencies.  One city said it best with “Burning House?  Call 911.  Burning Question?  Call 311”

 World-Class Customer Service

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